Metal mesh on a roll

Metal mesh on rolls available in all possible filtration degrees.

Filter screens with or without frames.

Filtex designs, manufactures, and repairs various shapes and sizes.

Custom-made metal filter elements

Filter belts for automatic filters

Filtex also constructs and repairs very specialized filters


Partner for filters

Our workshop, offices, and warehouse are constantly evolving alongside our company. Flexibility is very important to us, as it keeps overhead (and consequently costs) as low as possible. This is also beneficial to our customers. It also helps to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

We are Filtex

What we stand for!



Filtex specializes in designing and manufacturing custom filters and filter housings. Typically, prototypes and small quantities are built by Filtex itself, while larger quantities are produced by our partners.


From concept to realization

Each time, we aim to provide the best filtration for every individual process, which means we always prioritize the customer’s process rather than offering a compromise. We specialize in filter media and how filters can be produced.


Find solutions

Our customers are specialists in their respective products or processes. Therefore, both parties can only achieve the perfect solution together. This collaborative approach is the strength of Filtex because there are thousands of different filter media and components available.

Are you happy? We're happy!

Happy customers

We have already made various filters for diverse clients! Take a look at our achievements and discover them yourself!


The right filter starts with Filtex.

We offer a wide range of products and can always design and execute custom filters. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Filtex, your partner for filtration.